Introducing… The New And Improved, Big Z!

Carlos Zambrano appeared to be finished earlier in the season.  Since his return, Big Z has successfully gone 7-0, with a 1.27 ERA in his last 10 starts.  Zambrano looks to finish strong as he takes the mound today.

Big Z has received a ton of criticism following his tirade in the dugout.  Cubs’ fans were crying for a trade of Zambrano and Management had grown tired of it and placed him on the restricted list and forced him to undergo anger management classes.  It appeared that Big Z was done in Chicago but that would not be the case.  Carlos Zambrano returned and quietly went about his business.  Big Z appears calmer and more collected than ever.  Keeping his emotions under control, Zambrano has gone out and delivered a quality start in every appearance since rejoining the rotation.  He has proven that he is the ace of the starting rotation.  The numbers tell the tale.

thumbnailCAHAZ47R.jpgZambrano hasn’t allowed a run in his last 13 innings of work.  He is arguably the best starting pitcher in the majors since the all-star break.  He has only allowed 7 earned runs in his last 59 innings pitched and has held opponents to a .183 batting average.

Big Z faces the team that he got his no-hitter against two years ago today.  His mother will be in the stands supporting him as he finishes the season, hopefully on a high note, against the Houston Astros.  It’s good to see Big Z doing so well.  He deserves a lot of credit for turning himself around.  I tip my cap to him.  Good job, Big Z!


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