Carlos Marmol, Strikeout Artist, Saves the  Day!

Carlos Marmol, the closer for the Chicago Cubs has been untouchable.  Averaging 15.99 strikeouts per 9 innings pitched is out of this world.  He has 138 strikeouts in 77 2/3 innings.  That would set a new MLB record held by Eric Gagne (14.98  k’s per 9 innings in 2003).

Marmol has already surpassed Bruce Sutter for the most strikeouts by a Cub closer for a season and continues to close the door on other teams.  He has been lights out.  Sure, he struggles with his command at times, but as they say, Marmol is effectively wild.  Carlos has become one of the most feared pitchers in baseball.
thumbnailCA0U7BJV.jpg  His slider is nasty!  If Marmol could add one more pitch to his repertoire, I think a split-fingered fast ball would elevate him to the Hall of Fame someday.  A fastball that suddenly breaks down and disappears would complement what he currently brings to the table.
thumbnailCA3WBDUH.jpg  After posting my blog about Marmol surpassing Bruce Sutter I began thinking, how much better Marmol could be if he could develop such a pitch.  Perhaps, Greg Maddux could teach it to him.  Carlos Marmol has done a great job and I am not suggesting that he needs work but if he could add a third pitch, it would really keep batters off balance.  Something to consider in the offseason.

Carlos Marmol has done a wonderful job this year!  Keep turning out the lights, Carlos!



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