Finally!!! Ron Santo Is In The Hall Of Fame!

After all these years, it now seems like a miracle! Ron Santo had two dreams. The first, of course, was to see the Cubbies win the World Series. Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for the heavens to open up for that one. The second dream seemed almost as impossible as the first one. More than anything, Ron Santo craved the respect that he had earned as a player. Although a modest man, we could see the hurt in his eyes each year that Hall of Fame passed over him. The legendary Cubs’ Third Baseman is finally going to receive the credit that he deserves as he is enshrined into Cooperstown. It is sad that he wasn’t inducted prior to his passing, but you can rest assured that Ronnie is smiling now, wherever he is. His family must be thrilled that he is finally earned baseball’s greatest honor. As a die hard Cubs’ fan, I am pleased that it has finally happened. It has been long overdue, just like that elusive World Series Championship! Who knows? Maybe this marks the end of “the curse”. The fact that Ron Santo has finally reached the Hall of Fame might just be a prelude to greater things to come. Brace yourself, Cub Fans, we might have just turned a corner in Baseball History!

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