Cubs Rain On Padres’ Parade: Payback For 1984!

Every time the Cubs play in San Diego, the Padres’ pay tribute to the 1984 team that pulled the rug out from beneath the Cubs.  Last night, the Padres paraded the throwback uniforms reminiscent of 1984 in hopes of keeping their playoff hopes alive.
thumbnailCA03FOAF.jpg  That was their first mistake!

They say, what goes around, comes around.  This time it was the Cubs turn to crush the other teams’ postseason dreams.  With the win last night, the Cubs took 3 of 4 games from San Diego and virtually stripped the Padres from contention.  Although San Diego could pull off a miracle and sweep the Giants to force a one game playoff, it is doubtful.  The Padres have a better chance at the wildcard race in which they find themselves 2 games back of the Braves.  Atlanta will play Philadelphia but the Phillies will most likely rest their starters so they are ready for the playoffs, so it is unlikely that the Braves will have the same fight on their hand that they normally would.

thumbnailCANQBIR8.jpgBottom Line:  The San Diego Padres will be fighting for their lives in San Francisco, and even then, it may be too late.

The Cubbies outpitched an outstanding San Diego staff, handing Heath Bell his first blown save in 38 straight save opportunities.  The Cubs’ pitching staff has been remarkable down the stretch.  The combination of Cashner, Marshall, and Marmol has worked like a charm.  Tom Gorzellany pitched six shutout innings and deserves credit for keeping the Cubs in the ballgame.  It was another team effort and a job well done all the way around.

The younger players may not care too much about what happened in 1984 but that horrible image of the ball bouncing through Leon Durham’s legs in Game 5 of the NLCS still burns in my brain.  Last night’s game was sweet, sweet revenge.  I have been saying that it’s payback time for 1984 and indeed, the Padres have been paid in full!  Now, San Diego can feel my pain of the past 26 years.  Maybe next time, San Diego will reconsider throwing 1984 in the Cubs’ face. 



One comment

  1. westcoastgirl

    Great post! I’m fairly new to baseball and all the history and stories that accompany the sport, but I’d love to watch clips of the 1984 World Series now.
    So glad the Cubs put the Padres in their place this year!

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