Cubs Looking To Close Door On Cardinals’ Season!

With only three weeks left in the season, time is running out on St. Louis.  The Cardinals are six games back in the National League Central and the Cinncinatti Reds have shown no signs of relenting.  The Cardinals will open a three game series with the Chicago Cubs on Monday.  Jaime Garcia will be making his first start of the year.  Garcia (13-7 2.69), will be opposed by Jeff Samardzija for the Cubs, also getting his first opportunity to start.  Samardzija spent most of the season in triple A where he went 11-3, with a 4.37 e.r.a., holding left handers to a .186 batting average.

The Cubs will be looking to play spoilers, while the Cardinals look to keep their playoff dreams alive.   


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  1. Bruna

    Bandwagon Wrigley fans will tell you the trendy brceahels are the best place to sit. The brceahels were originally set up as poor mans seats. In the 1970 s there was a TV show in Chicago called the Bleacher bums , I think it may have been a movie also,The original bleacher bums would bring baseballs to the game, and when an oposing player hit a home run thye would throw a ball back onto the field. Now people throw actual home run balls back, I think thats the gayest tradition in baseball. people sitting in left field would shout Right field sucks , and vice versa. SO are they the best seats, not by a long shot, it is just were all the party goers say you have to sit. I’ve heard people say that if they can’t sit in the brceahels, they won’t go to a game. Most seating at Wrigley is pretty bad because they have so many obstructed views because of the polls holding up the upper deck and the roof, and back in the 80 s owners added sky boxes to create even more obstructed views. So the best seats are the first 15 rows of the lower deck and the first 10 rows of the upper deck.

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