Should The Cubs Consider Signing Orlando Hudson To Play Second Base?

In an effort to improve the Cubs’ defense, let’s consider gold glover, Orlando Hudson.  He is a switch-hitting second baseman who could complement Starlin Castro up the middle.  The Cubs could acquire him on a modest, short-term contract. 
thumbnailCA7U2IFI.jpgHe could be a good fit.

Orlando Hudson is coming off an injury-prone season last year but is expected to be completely healthy come Spring.  In 2010, Hudson only played 126 games.  His offensive numbers were down as well.  His defense did not suffer.  He remains one of the best fielding second basemen in the game today. 
thumbnailCARGRX9K.jpgHe has 4 gold gloves.

During his 9 year career, Hudson’s batting line is .284 / .358 / .402.  That is a definite improvement over what the Cubs have had the last few years.  Hudson would be an upgrade for a defense that has relied on utility players to play every day.  Hudson has a career fielding % of .986. He ranks 1st in range factor for all active second basemen. 
thumbnailCA1AF3TM.jpg  He would boost the offense as well.

You can learn more about Orlando Hudson‘s free agent stock value at MLB Trade Rumors. Hudson would be a fine addition to the Cubs.  He would be a definite upgrade and he wouldn’t cost a fortune.  He might be worth signing.  Blake DeWitt would be ideal as the main utility infielder.  Orlando Hudson would be ideal at second base.  Something to think about.


  1. Tom (Flushing's Finest)

    It could definitely help your defense and give you guys a strong infield. He might not want a short-term deal, though. I know that he’s aging but he’s still going to like a big contract. Great post, you make a lot of great points.

    Faith and Fear in Flushing

    Check out my blog and let me know what you think.

  2. luckylucian

    The Orlando Hudson thing with the Cubs has aggravated me for a few years now. My opinion is that a large amount of the Cubs personnel problems stem from one move from late 2006. 2 moves actually. 1. Signing Soriano, 2. Caving to know-nothing fans and getting rid of Juan Pierre. You have to go all the way back to when they were still the Orphans to find a player that hit over .290, had more than a dozen 3B, 55 SBs, 30 2Bs and 200 Hits. Taking that $17M/y on Soriano and paying Pierre his $8-9M and signing Hudson for his $6-8M would have saved money for another position, added additional players and would have been a real 1 and 2 hitters ahead of Lee and Ramirez. Not to mention the defense. Soriano is downright awful. Pierre has consistently been a good fielder, with an awful arm, but his range makes up for the lack of OFAs. Adding in a Gold Glove 2B like Hudson and the subtraction of Soriano would have significantly impacted the teams Runs Allowed all these years. We can only imagine what 1 less baserunner in a key situation could have meant.

  3. ronlang44

    Enjoyed this post. I really like the idea of the Cubs improving defensively and Hudson is a good ball player. Unfortunately, I don’t see him signing with the Cubs. I say we cut ties with Jeff Baker and let Darwin Barney and Blake DeWitt battle it out for second base. Also, Adam makes a great point about the Soriano deal. I supported the move at the time even though I knew it was a big risk. We need to go younger, faster and get better defensive players if we want to compete on a yearly basis.


  4. The Cub Den

    Orlando Hudson eh? I love it! Ramirez at Third, Castro at Shortstop, Hudson on Second. We need a first but that’ll come.

    Outfield is solid. I think trade Fukodome for a solid first.


    —Mark Gauthier

  5. luckylucian

    I think the Cubs already have their 1B, Tyler Colvin. He can’t play the OF. 5 Errors in RF in less than 1/3 of a season and another in CF in 128 Innings. He needs to go to 1B and it needs to be soon, preferably this year. FA 1B are few and costly. Colvin needs to improve his hitting with men on, his .228/.311/.443 isn’t what this offense needs. Soriano is horrendous in LF, Byrd benefits from one of the smaller CF in MLB, and that leaves RF. I think it’ll take the Cubs taking on some of his salary as well as moving a high pitching prospect to trade Fukudome. That would leave RF empty but decent COF are nearly a dime a dozen. Key word being decent, which equals cheap.

  6. ronlang44

    Hey Scot, I just wrote a post earlier this morning about signing Hudson. Ever since reading this post about getting Hudson it has been on my mind and I had to write something. I mentioned your blog and credited you with the idea. I really hope we go after him even though I doubt Hendry considers it. Anyway, keep up the good work.


    • Laura

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