Cubs Lose, Cubs Lose! Red Sox Win Adrian Gonzalez

Another day of bitter disappointment and frustration for Cubs’ fans as the Boston Red Sox acquire Adrian Gonzalez from San Diego.  Apparently, the Cubs are more committed to cutting payroll than winning.  I am disgusted by the Cubs’ lack of moves.  It appears that we are in for another long and disappointing season. 

thumbnailCAC10SKZ.jpgThe Padres will receive 3 prospects, a pitcher, a first baseman, and an outfielder.  Surely, Jim Hendry could have put a better package deal together, but he failed to.  How does Hendry retain his job?  He is destroying the Cubs and Tom Ricketts is okay with that.  Apparently, since the Cubs have $103 million in payroll committed to players that do not perform up to expectations, there is no desire to spend any more.  Why can’t these players take a pay cut to improve the team?  It’s not about winning anymore, it’s about money.  Adrian Gonzalez would have been the perfect fit for the Cubs, but they let him get away.  Now, Cubs’ fans will have to settle for a second-rate first baseman.  How can this team treat their fans this way?

We are diehard Cubs’ fans, so I guess we are supposed to be frustrated and disappointed.  The Cubs want to preserve their ‘Lovable Losers’ status.  Personally, I am sick and tired of this team’s committment to losing.  Cubs’ fans want a winner.  We want a World Series championship.  Shame on Jim Hendry and Tom Ricketts.  Shame on the Cubs.  Maybe in another hundred years the Cubs will win, but that will never happen with the new ownership and as long as Jim Hendry is running the show.  Maybe I need therapy to deal with being a diehard Cubs’ fan, because they are driving me crazy!



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