Would The Red Sox Consider Trading Jacoby Ellsbury To The Cubs?

The Cubs need a spark to ignite the offense, a legitimate lead off hitter.  The Red Sox will undoubtedly try to sign Free Agent, Carl Crawford, and Jacoby Ellsbury could land on the trading block.  Could a trade between Jim Hendy and Theo Epstein bring Ellsbury to Chicago?

It is no secret that the Cubs have had trouble finding a hitter that can effectively lead off.  The Red Sox have shown some interest in Kosuke Fukudome, who has 1-year left on his contract, however,  Boston seeks to restock their farm system with pitching prospects.   
thumbnailCAQ8XLIC.jpg  Is it possible that the Cubs will pursue a bonafide lead-off man to set the table for an offense that sorely lacks the abilty to score runs?

Jacoby Ellsbury was injured last season and only played 18 games so the Red Sox have made adjustments to their outfield.  Boston is reportedly in the mix to acquire Crawford and Ellsbury may be more valuable on the trading block.  If so, the Cubs should seriously consider this particular trade option.

thumbnailCA6DILJH.jpgEllbury is 27 years old and has only played 2 full seasons.  On a 162 game average, Ellsbury bats .291 with 9 HR’s and 60 RBI’s.  He averages a .344 OBP which could be better, but in 2008, he swiped 50 bases and in 2009, he stole 70 bases.  He is a base-stealing threat.  Ellsbury is the type of lead-off hitter that can put pressure on the defense and make things happen.  To acquire Ellsbury, Jim Hendy will need to move an outfielder. 
thumbnailCAUDU6RX.jpgThe Cubs have 4 to choose from.  Alfonso Soriano, Marlon Byrd, Kosuke Fukudome, and Tyler Colvin are all possibilites.   I think that such a trade would be mutually beneficial.  Jim Hendry has alot of work to do next week as the Winter Meetings get under way.  Let’s see if Hendry can find the Cubs a legitimate lead-off hitter.  Jim Hendry does a pretty good job finding trades that work for both sides and Jacoby Ellsbury would be a perfect fit for the Cubs.  He has led the American League in Total Zone Runs, Stolen Bases, Fielding %, Defense, and Triples.  According to http://content.usatoday.com/communities/dailypitch/post/2010/11/jacoby-ellsbury-trade-boston-red-sox/1?csp=34, the Red Sox are prepared to trade Ellsbury and Epstein is looking to restock pitchers at the minor league level.  So a trade between the Red Sox and the Cubs certainly looks possible.  I hope so, the Cubs need a solid lead-off guy and some solid defense in the outfield and Boston needs to replenish the farm system.  Jacoby Ellsbury can spark the Cubs’ offense with his base-running prowess and defensive skills.  He has a tremendous amount of energy, something that has been missing in Chicago.



  1. raysrenegade

    Not sure the Rays Sox would trade Ellsbury if they did somehow (by a miracle) get Carl Crawford to sign on the dotted line.
    If for some unforseen reason the Boston brass would float enough money for C C to forget that big Green Monster in LF,keeping this duo intact would become the most feared weapons in the AL.
    Ellsbury and Crawford are the two premier basestealers in the AL, and together they could wreck all kinds of hit and run or even double steal situations that would force errors and random pitch-out to bring the game to them.
    But since it is an imperfect world, Bostron would have to be blown away to make a trade for a mini racecar known as Ellsbury.
    But I like how you are thinking outside of the ususal box looking for the best option. You would make a great GM somewhere.

    Rays Renegade


  2. luckylucian

    I think the Red Sox would be very likely to move Ellsbury. After all, they made moves last season to get Cameron, Hall and Hermida while they already had Drew and Ellsbury and then had Ellsbury move to LF. A ML bullpen arm and a pair of prospects might do it. Question is, does Byrd move to RF? And that lineup has very little power. Soto, Colvin, Baker/DeWitt, Castro, Ramirez, Soriano, Ellsbury, Byrd would be about what? 140 HRs tops? And I don’t see much power coming off the bench with the likes of Fuld, Barney, Hill, etc. Having said that, I’d still love to see Ellsbury on the Northside.

  3. ronlang44

    You’ve had some really good ideas over the last few days. Castro moving to second will happen eventually. Anyway, I like the idea of trading for Ellsbury. I know we would have to give up some pitching prospects and I am fine with that as long as we throw Fukudome into the deal as well. Archer, Samardzija and Jay Jackson might be something to start an offer with and work from there.


  4. The Cub Den

    I thought Hudson was a great idea, but Ellsbury might be better. The Cubs need offence and I’m a huge fan of base runners even better, stealers. That might be the best option. Excellent choice!

    –Mark Gauthier

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