Should The Cubs Pursue Adrian Gonzalez?

The Cubs have a hole at first base and Adrian Gonzalez is at the top of every Cubs’ fans wish list, but how realistic is it for the Cubs to acquire him?  The Cubs have expressed interest in Gonzalez and he says that he would like to play in Chicago, so is a deal imminent?

With a massive hole at first base, the Cubs have a difficult decision to fill the void.  Speculation of who will play first base next season has been swirling.  The Free Agent market is full of available players that could fill the need for the Cubs, but it isn’t clear what Jim Hendry is planning to do. 

thumbnailCAH81SCW.jpgAdrian Gonzalez has one more year left on his contract and the San Diego Padres have made it clear that they will not be able to re-sign him to a long-term deal.  Gonzalez is reportedly seeking a long-term contract worth over a hundered million dollars, something comparable to the deal Mark Teixeira struck with the New York Yankees.  The Padres will most likely trade Gonzalez sometime between the winter meetings and the July trade deadline.  A trade would bring something in return as a consolation to his departure.  Adrian Gonzalez will be a free agent following the 2011 season.

So are the Cubs interested in trading for a hitting machine like Gonzalez?

thumbnailCAJOCFRR.jpgHere’s the problem.  If the Cubs traded for Adrian Gonzalez, the Padres will be looking for as many prospects as they can.  They will be asking for the sun, the moon, and the stars.  In exchange, the team that lands Gonzalez will acquire his services only temporarily.  Remember, after the 2011 season, AGon will be gone as he files for free agency.  So does it really make any sense to trade away the farm system to acquire a player for one year or less?  No. Unless a team is making a run at the playoffs, it just doesn’t make much sense, so a trade for Gonzalez is highly unlikely.  The only positive to such a trade is that it would be easier to lock Gonzalez in to a contract should he decide to stay in Chicago.

If the Cubs are serious about signing Adrian Gonzalez, then they will most likely wait until next year when he becomes available on the free agent market.  However, there are question marks surrounding the Cubs’  Ownership’s willingness to spend that kind of money on free agents.  If the Cubs are waiting until next year to sign Gonzalez, then that still leaves a glaring hole at first base for the 2011 season.  The Cubs would still need to sign a free agent to play first next year or move Tyler Colvin there for the time being.  As of now, it is unclear what the Cubs will decide to do.

If the Cubs sign any free agent to a contract of 2-years or more, then Adrian Gonzalez will remain a dream.  Should the Cubs install a temporary fix for first base, then the door should remain open to acquire Adrian Gonzalez at a later time.

Adrian Gonzalez is a left-handed hitting machine, just look at his career numbers.  In 7 seasons, he averages 170 hits per year, 32 HR’s, and 99 RBI’s.  Those numbers reflect his hitting at Petco Park.  At Wrigley Field, Adrian Gonzalez would probably hit over 40 homeruns per year, have a batting average in excess of .300, and he would surely drive in well over a hundred RBI’s a season.  AGon would definitely be the cure to what ails the Cubs.  He is a perennial All-Star and a Gold-Glove first baseman.  He is the complete package.

Adrian Gonzalez is definitely my favorite candidate to play first base for the Cubs.  Hopefully it will work out that he comes to Chicago.  He would be welcome in my book. 



  1. The Cub Den

    I’m torn if they really need Gonzalez. Yes, they need a first baseman, but giving up prospects is too risky.

    Xavier Nady is all but done with the Cubs and I think if the Cubs can dig deep into their well, I’m sure they can fill a hole. What about Lyle Overbay? He’s cheaper and the Jays are looking to move him if they haven’t all ready.

    Not that Gonzalez wouldn’t be a great addition, but until they move Fukodome next year, I feel that the Cubs should go cheap for 2011.

    –Mark Gauthier

  2. raysrenegade

    Been hearing more than a few whispers out of this region that the Cubs will kick the tires on Carlos Pena more for his defensive skills and his lockerrrom persona than his sometimes lethal bat.
    This is not to discount that Pena has been the second best Home Run producer in the American League over the past four seasons, so a down 2010 might jusat be a wrinkle in his resume’.
    But he is coming off a $ 10.5 million 2010 salary and has Scor Boras as an agent…both are two-headed dragons.

    Rays Renegade

  3. diehardcubsfan4ever

    Carlos Pena would be a fine addition to the Cubs, provided his hitting improves from last year. I would gladly take him under a 1-year deal. I’m still holding my breath that Gonzalez will become a Cub someday.

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