The San Francisco Giants Win The World Series!

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants on winning the World Series. 
thumbnailCAVNTAJ1.jpgThe Texas Rangers were “freaked out” by Tim Lincecum,
thumbnailCAJ3HBL1.jpgwho pitched an outstanding game in the showdown against Cliff Lee.  Edgar Renteria hit a 3-run homerun off Lee to lead the Giants to victory.

thumbnailCACD65R4.jpgHats off to San Francisco!  The Giants won with pitching and defense, and most importantly, teamwork.  A team built on misfits and rejects, came together to form a team that played as a team.
thumbnailCAGR3Q2P.jpg  There were no superstars, only team players.  Perhaps, other teams can learn something from the Giants.  Mainly, that when you work as a team, you win as a team. 
thumbnailCAA26SZX.jpg Once again, congratulations to the San Francisco Giants on a fine season and a World Series Championship!



  1. giantfan

    Thanks Scot. The Cubs have a promising future with Quade as the manager. In baseball, you never know what might happen. Giants’ fans learned this in 2010!

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