Why Mike Quade Should Consider Ryne Sandberg For Bench Coach, And Why Ryno Should Accept!

As the new Manager for the Chicago Cubs, Mike Quade has some important decisions to make.  Among the first items on his To Do List will be to name his coaching staff.  Q has not ruled out the possibility of adding Ryne Sandberg to the team, but the question that begs to be answered remains, will he name Ryno to his coaching staff?  Would Sandberg even consider the job, considering his bitter disappointment following the Cubs’ decision to hire Quade as Manager?

Let’s consider the big picture.

thumbnailCA8EJEO3.jpgRyne Sandberg was named Pacific Coast League Manager Of The Year last season in his fourth year of managing in the Cubs’ Farm System.  He was one of the leading candidates in the Cubs’ managerial search.  Ryno has stated that his goal is to manage at the MLB level.  That is why he may have declined the opportunity to serve as bench coach in his previous discussions with Jim Hendry, the Cubs’ GM.  However, since then, Mike Quade won the Cubs’ job and Ryno’s bid at interviewing for the Toronto Bluejays has fallen through.  The Bluejays have already filled that position.  So what options does Sandberg have left?  With a lack of MLB experience, Sandberg may be running out of options.  His dream of managing in the big leagues may have to wait until he gains a little more experience.  Jim Hendry has said that Ryno would be welcomed back at Iowa should Sandberg decide to return to his former position.  That being said, Ryno may want to move forward, not backward, and decide that serving as a bench coach could actually be the stepping stone that would bring him closer to realizing his goal to manage someday.   Cubs’ fans were disappointed that Sandberg was free to look outside of the Cubs’ Organization for a job.  Ryno is a true Cub and to see #23 in another uniform would scar many fans who wanted to see Ryno get the Cubs’ managerial job.

Would Mike Quade consider making Sandberg the Bench Coach?

Considering the fact that the Cubs are in the process of rebuilding and focusing on developing the farm system, wouldn’t it make sense that Mike Quade and the Cubs bring Sandberg into the fold.  Ryno managed at Triple-A, Iowa.  Who else knows the young, up and coming, players better than Sandberg?  Furhermore, Mike Quade could win many diehard Cubs’ fans over by simply giving Sandberg his due.  Ryno deserves more than having Jim Hendry show him the door.  He deserves a promotion and the opportunity to assist at the MLB level.  Mike Quade could make that happen and the PR disaster of snubbing Ryno could be averted.  Mike Quade would be a hero.

Would a combination of Mike Quade and Ryne Sandberg be awkward, considering that they competed for the same job?

That question has come up many times, but I do not believe it would be a factor.  First of all, Mike Quade and Ryne Sandberg haven proven to be loyal to the Cubs.  The goal is to win ballgames, not argue over who should manage and how.  I think that Ryno and Q are team players and they could easily put their ego’s aside for everyone’s sake.  The best leaders lead by example, and what better example than having two guys like Mike Quade and Ryne Sandberg, putting their knowledge and experience together, to work as a team.  Both are essential to the Cubs’ rebuilding process and I believe they would complement one another.  Mike Quade has been effective with the veterans and Ryno has been effective with the younger players.  It’s a win-win situation.  Besides, the Cubs’ fans that are clamoring for Sandberg would be pacified, not that that should be a factor.  Another thing, it would give Sandberg the additional experience that he needs at the Major League level.

While Ryne Sandberg explores his options and his future, I hope that Mike Quade has the wisdom and insight to ask Sandberg to join the team.  It seems to make the most sense.  Winning is about teamwork.  Winning is about have the right pieces in place.  Winning is about making the right decisions.  I hope Mike Quade will consider hiring Ryne Sandberg as Bench Coach and I pray that Ryno has the wisdom to accept.  It just seems to be the right thing to do, not only from a PR standpoint, but from a managing standpoint as well. 


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