Sandberg To Interview With The Toronto Bluejays; The Latest Twist To The Cubs’ Managerial Search!

It’s official.  Ryne Sandberg has scheduled an interview with the Toronto Bluejays, throwing the Cubs’ managerial search a curve ball.  The Chicago Tribune reports that Ryno will meet with Toronto to discuss the opening for Manager with the Bluejays.

What does this mean?  Is Sandberg tired of sitting around while the Cubs’ General Manager, Jim Hendry and Owner, Tom Ricketts wait to talk to Joe Girardi?  Have the Cubs already made a decision?  It isn’t clear, but I would think that Ryno isn’t taking anything for granted and is exploring his options. 

While the Cubs wait for Joe Girardi and the New York Yankees to finish the post-season, the Cubs are taking a chance that Ryne Sandberg and Mike Quade could find managerial positions elsewhere.  Since Joe Girardi is still under contract, he has not publicly announced any interest in the Cubs’ position.  He simply refuses to discuss the matter which leaves the world in the dark as to whether or not he is an option for the Cubs.  Of course, maybe Jim Hendry knows something that we don’t.  Who knows?  Most Cub fans are willing to wait for Girardi , others panic at the thought of losing Sandberg. 

The Cubs’ managerial search is getting interesting.  No one can blame Ryne Sandberg for exploring his options.  Of course, we’ll see what happens. 

thumbnailCAZ5MTW4.jpgThere is a rumor that the Cubs are waiting to talk to Joe Girardi, who is the most experienced, qualified, candidate, who many fans believe is the best fit for the Cubs.  While Girardi might be the frontrunner in the Cubs’ managerial position, plan “A”, it is believed that Mike Quade is in line for the job if Girardi falls through.  Perhaps, the Cubs offered Sandberg a job as Bench Coach and Ryno snubbed the idea, sighting that he wants to manage a team, not be a bench coach.  If that is the case, then Sandberg may walk.


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