Padres’ Backs Against The Wall!

If San Francisco can hold on to their 4-1 lead against Arizona and the Cubs win at San Diego tonight, the Padres will fall to 3 games back in the NL West and 2 games back in the wildcard race. 

The Padres would have to sweep the Giants in the final 3 games in San Francisco just to get a one game playoff to decide the West.  Highly unlikely, which means that the Braves would have to fall to Philadelpia when they are most likely to rest their best players while they prepare for the post-season.  The Braves will be highly motivated while the Phillies take it easy.  The Padres would still need to take two of the three games in San Francisco to have a chance.  It doesn’t look good for San Diego at this point and time. 

thumbnailCA2TIMBL.jpgThe Cubs’ bullpen, in the last 21 games, have a 1.38 ERA (9 earned runs in 58 2/3 innings), so although the Padres have a solid pitching staff, the Cubs’ pitching staff has come around and promise to put some pressure on the Padres in a must win game. 

Then, there is the trip to San Francisco.  The Giants have the best pitching staff in the National League.  The Padres have their work cut out for themselves, that’s for sure.


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