Greg Maddux Staying With Cubs!

When Kevin Towers was named GM of the Arizona Diamondbacks, news travelled quickly that he wanted to talk to Greg Maddux about making him a pitching coach or a bench coach.  When I heard the news, panic set in.   I hoped and prayed that Jim Hendry wouldn’t let him get away.  Today is another day and with it came a sigh of relief as reports rolled in that Jim Hendry discussed what Greg Maddux wanted to do and he told Hendy that he wanted to continue doing what he is doing for another year. 
thumbnailCAU3YGD0.jpg Maddux has been a special assistant to Jim Hendry where he has been acting as an advisor and will assist in determining who will win the managerial position with the Cubs next year.  Maddux has also worked with minor league pitching staffs in the Instructional League and has done some scouting as well.

Greg Maddux is not ready to put on a uniform just yet.  Jim Hendry acknowledges that Greg could probably have any position that he wants and has even told Maddux that when the time comes, He will try his best to accomodate him.  This is GOOD NEWS Cubs’ fans!!!  That means that Greg Maddux will, more than likely, remain in the Cubs’ Organization for years to come.  The Cubs NEED Greg Maddux. 
thumbnailCACQF9EE.jpg There isn’t a better student of the game, a more knowledgable mind in baseball, than Greg Maddux.  Greg has an understanding of the game like no other and we need him on our team – in whatever capacity he chooses.  I am thankful that Jim Hendry was wise to retain his services.  Many Cubs’ fans wanted to see him be the next Pitching Coach or Bench Coach for the Cubs in 2011.  Some think that he should be considered to manage.  Some think that he could even take Hendry’s job as GM.  Those are just rumors or wishful thinking because Maddux is happy doing what he’s doing and I am just happy knowing that he will return to help Jim Hendry and the Cubs. 

Greg Maddux was always, and always will be, one of my favorite Cubs.


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