Cubs Deserve Credit!

Having been eliminated from the playoffs, The Cubs could have been discouraged and given up, but no, the Cubs keep battling to finish strong.  The Cubs are now 18-8 under Mike Quade who deserves credit for the Cubs turnaround.  Quade brought a new energy to the team when he took over the Cubs in August.  No one can seem to pinpoint exactly why, but the team has found new life as the Cubs finish the season on a positive note.

Mike Quade deserves the recognition and respect for the impressive job he has done turning the club around.
thumbnailCA3TQUDG.jpg  The team seems to be more relaxed and focused now.  There is a renewed interest in the game, a sense of rebirth.  While Jim Hendry searches for someone to fill the managerial role for next year and rumors abound over who that may be, Mike Quade has quietly taken this Cub team under his wing and has done a job that is nothing short of miraculous.  He is under scrutiny as the Cubs evaluate his performance for the job and thus far, has passed with flying colors.  No one can argue with success and Mike Quade has successfully turned the Cubs around.  Everyone in the clubhouse has contributed to the Cubs’ newfound winning ways.

The pitching staff has been reborn.  In the past 11 games, the team’s era is a remarkable 1.29 (14 earned runs in 98 innings pitched).  The starters have been stellar, posting a 1.09 era (9 earned runs in 74 innings pitched).  The relievers have been lights out as well, with a 1.88 era.  The entire pitching staff has been brilliant.

The Cubs, in general, deserve a lot of credit for pushing hard and playing their best.  This is a team that doesn’t quit.  It would have been easy to give up and finish out the year just going through the motions but the Cubs, much to Quade’s credit, will finish strong and fair warning to the rest of the National League – The Cubs are roaring back so look out!


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