Why Tyler Colvin Should Play First Base

Since the departure of Derek Lee, the Cubs have a void to fill at first base.  The Cubs have talked about moving Tyler Colvin to first, but have yet to give him the opportunity.  Xavier Nady has received most of the playing time there and has finally found his groove at the plate so Mike Quade is reluctant to make any changes at this point.

In his rookie season, Colvin has proven that he belongs in the big leagues.  In 133 games, Tyler has a .254 batting average, 20 homeruns, and 55 rbi’s.  Colvin brings a much needed left handed bat to the lineup.  He has power too, which is a plus.

Where Colvin has struggled, is in the outfield.  Of course, he is young and prone to making rookie mistakes defensively.  He has committed 6 errors on the season and doesn’t seem to feel comfortable in the outfield, although that could be attributed to his unfamiliarity with the different ballparks around the league.

Tyler Colvin provides some pop in the lineup and will, more than likely, continue to play.  With D-Lee gone, the Cubs will need a first baseman.  Having struggled at times in the outfield, perhaps first base would be a better position for Tyler.  The transition would alleviate the need for the Cubs to make a trade or sign a free agent in the offseason.  Platooning Colvin and Nady may be another option.  Keeping the pair at first would open up other options in the outfield.  The Cubs need some speed and defense in the outfield and the move would keep a couple of good hitters in the lineup.

Look for Tyler Colvin to work on playing first base come spring training.  We’ll see then, if he can play the position.  The transition to first makes a lot of sense to me.


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