Why Joe Torre Should Return To New York

Joe Torre will step down as the Dodger Manager but did not rule out the possibility of managing again.  Is it possible that he will return to the Yankees while Joe Girardi comes home to Chicago to manage the Cubs? 

Joe Torre will entertain the idea of managing again but at age 70 he isn’t willing to spend time rebuilding a team.  Perhaps, he is planning one last stop in the Bronx before actually retiring.  He, undoubtedly, wants to go out a winner and his stint in L.A. was disaster due to the confusion in the front office.  Even after publishing a revealing book about his time in New York, the Yankees still hold him in high regard.  He brought them 4 championships and will land in the Hall of Fame someday.  It is hard to believe that he will retire on a sour note.  Most baseball experts think that he will manage again.

Joe Girardi is in the last year of his contract and the Yankees managerial position may be up for grabs.

The Cubs have begun searching for a Manager and Joe Girardi’s name continues to surface as a possibility.  Cubs’ fans are hopeful that he will make himself available to take over in Chicago.  Ryne Sandberg, one of the front runners, lacks major league experience, which is something Jim Hendry prefers.  Joe Girardi has his roots in Chicago and would probably be the best choice for Jim Hendry and the Cubs.

It’s a win/win proposition.  A couple of Joe’s returning home where they belong.


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