A calmer, more relaxed and focused, Carlos Zambrano, delivers another outstanding pitching performance as the Cubs win the opener against the Brewers 4-0.  Big Z improves to 5-0 with a 1.60 era since returning to the rotation.  Zambrano dominated but fell just shy of a complete game.  Carlos Marmol came in to shut the door.

The big story is Big Z. 

thumbnailCAHAZ47R.jpgCarlos Zambrano has managed to focus on pitching and put everything else out of his mind.  Baseball is a game of adjustments and Big Z has made whatever adjustments were necessary to take his game to the next level.  He is pitching well and staying in control.  Big Z isn’t trying to blow batters away either.  He is using his entire arsenal and it is working. 

After his tirade, earlier in the season, many fans were crying for a trade of Big Z.  Carlos Zambrano could have developed an attitude about that but instead he has responded by going out to the mound and taking care of business.  Big Z is all about winning and he is proving that.  His antics got him into trouble but his pitching will get him out of this jam. 

Big Z is back!  Love him or not, you cannot argue with his passion for winning and his ability to dominate the opposition.  The Cubs need Carlos Zambrano and he needs the Cubs.  Big Z needs forgiveness and support.  Chicago needs to show him some mercy and get off his back.  Everyone makes mistakes and Big Z is trying to redeem himself.  This time around, Big Z is letting his pitching do the talking.

Welcome back, Big Z!  Keep up the good work!  This diehard Cubs fan is proud of you.



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