Cubs Need A Spark!

As the Cubs move forward to next year, Jim Hendry will need to address the need for a lead-off hitter that can hit and steal bases.  More than likely, the Cubs’ GM, Jim Hendry will look into acquiring a player that will spark the Cubs’ offense.  The lead off position is crucial to igniting the rest of the line-up.  The Cubs need a playmaker, someone that will make opposing pitchers nervous, someone with a high on base per centage that can put pressure on the defense.  The Cubs have been lacking such a player ever since Alfonzo Soriano was moved down in the line-up. 
thumbnailCAQH7FY0.jpg Perhaps the missing spark is why the Cubs have struggled this year to get their offense going.  A legitimate lead-off hitter could be the missing piece of the puzzle.  Imagine a Carl Crawford type player leading off with Starlin Castro hitting behind him.  The running game has been lost to the Cubs and too much emphasis on the long ball is at the root of the Cubs’ struggles this year.  Maybe next year will be another story. 


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