Cubs Audition September Call-ups

With September upon us, it is time to fill the 40 man roster. 

The Cubs have added five players to their roster, four of which have played at the major league level previously. 
thumbnailCA7LK0BK.jpgJeff Samardzja, Bobby Scales, Sam Fuld, Justin Berg, and newcomer Brad Snyder will be joining the team.  Snyder, a left handed bat, hit 25 homeruns and had 106 rbi’s at Triple A Iowa.  Ryne Sandberg said the promotion was well deserved.  Iowa’s season ended abruptly when Memphis eliminated them from play-off contention last week but the team, under Ryne Sandberg, had an incredible year finishing the season with an 82-62 record and tied for first place in their division.  The players speak very highly of Ryne Sandberg who remains a candidate to manage next year for the Cubs. 


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