Carlos Zambrano is back! 

thumbnailCAFBI4YI.jpgSince the little altercation in the dugout with Derek Lee, Big Z has had to undergo anger management classes to fix his “problem” of losing his temper.  The Cubs’ Organization were embarrassed and felt that it was time to address the issue.  His antics on the field and off are well known and it is no secret that he needed some help to learn how to keep a level head.  After all, a pitcher without self-control is doomed to failure.  Big Z needs to keep his fiery emotions in check, otherwise he will never find out how good he can be.  He has electric stuff when he is in the zone and promises to be one of the best, but Big Z is his own worse enemy. 

Since returning from the restricted list, Carlos has gone 4-0 with a 1.98 E.R.A. and has moved into third place on the all-time Cubs’ strikeout list.  He appears much calmer as he goes about his business.

The only question is, does Big Z have an anger problem, or is he just passionate about winning?

I think that he is so driven to win that his emotions run high and when things don’t go his way something inside explodes.  Boom!  When the incident with Derek Lee happened, it appeared that he was upset that Derek Lee didn’t dive after a line drive hit in his direction.  Carlos demands that his fielders give a hundred per cent.  A major problem that the Cubs’ have had this season is the lackadaisical approach that many players have taken.  Is it too much to expect the team to give a total effort on every play?  I think not.  Was Big Z wrong to say something?  I don’t think so.  His tact could have been better but Big Z was being a leader by calling his teammates out.  Sure, he probably should have took D. Lee down into the clubhouse to talk it out but Zambrano wanted to fire up the whole team.  Isn’t that what a leader does?  Of course, Big Z, if he wants to be a leader and affect his team in a positive way, then he should find more appropriate ways with dealing with others but his heart is in the right place.  The Cubs need players that are passionate about winning and giving 100%.

Perhaps, Big Z needs to learn how to meditate so he can be more relaxed and calm.  After all, a good pitcher needs to stay calm under many different circumstances.  It is completely possible to be even-minded and remain passionate about the game.

Well, Big Z is back on track so the rest of the league better step aside because Big Z is coming through.  Keep rolling!!!


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  1. born2seethecubswin

    Zambrano might not have the best style of showing his emotions but emotions are vital on a major league team! Without heart a team will free fall through the standings until they hit rock bottom. Heart is exactly what Zambrano has. His fire drives him so hard that sometimes he cant control it, which is his only problem. Control that fire and you have one of the most dominate pitchers in the game. Lead by example and keep it going Big Z!

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